The Internet is easily the single most important development in business technology this century. Harnessing this technology and helping you take advantage of it for your business is what we are known for.

The dynamic combination of talent, skill and experience enables us to integrate art, design and programming with marketing into our custom web designs, allowing us to design websites that produces results.

The success of an Internet web-site relies directly on its ability to "break through the clutter" of all those other sites. That is the reason why, inaddition to providing professionally tailored designs and state-of-the-art technology, Sunbex is proud to provide its clients with some of the most powerful site promotion and search engine positioning strategies available today.

In the initial stages, marketing on the Internet was a fairly straightforward process. Today, an entire industry exists surrounding site promotion, traffic analysis, and demographics. Sunbex makes it, it's business to stay abreast of the latest developments in this industry.

Sunbex's accumulated wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise has given itself an edge over the others in the Industry. Our team of designers and programmers constantly push the limits both creatively and technically to develop truly dynamic and highly interactive web-sites using the very latest in technology.

In order to build a portal (web-site) successfully, be it a informative site, online catalogue,……. etc., Sunbex implements the following strategy:

webdevelopment process

Business Study: A thorough study of the business and related business practices, identifying target markets.

Project Planning: Laying out a plan that covers all aspects of design, programming and back-end support systems, prioritizing interactivity, security and user-friendliness that all lead to effective promotion of the site.

Project Execution: Incorporating the latest designs and trends that suit the client's business, along with usage of the latest programming languages

Plan Testing: In-depth testing of all areas of project including on-line credit card processing by our team of quality controllers involving the client.

Project launching: Opening of completed project to the public, supported by strong marketing campaign to generate potential customers.

Site Promotion: Intense promotion of project, utilizing state of the art techniques for submissions to major Search Engines, News Groups, Forums, Editorials and other relative publishing not excluding usage of banner advertising, link exchanges, e-mail advertising……. all done by our experienced personals.

Maintenance and Support: Quality maintenance and support for entire project in accordance with client's needs.
In a complex, virtual, technology driven market place like the Web you need the assistance and expertise of Sunbex's Architects. The rapid changes in technology, strategies, scope and audience on the Web leave the casual visitor confused. If your presence on the web means more to you than to just 'presence', you need commitment and direction to get things done right.
This is what we call a partner-ship. If you have the commitment, we provide the direction.

Our Services Include: