Software Development

Sunbex provides innovative technology solutions that enhances the competitiveness and profitability of our clients' businesses. We do build technology that matters!

We are an established software consultant company of advanced software solutions of all kind. Our expertise in software development spans across the spectrum of technologies from complex database applications with web interfaces to application specific real-time / firmware applications. Our broad repertoire of methodologies, development processes, and technical approaches and a wealth of expertise adds efficiency and control to software development projects that are delivered on time.

While we take advantage of all major software development languages in creating customer-specific solutions, our experience makes us keenly aware of the importance of thoroughly defining objectives, features, and measurable benefits before the development process initiates.

Our team is composed of experts in software product design, implementation and support, application development and business process analysis. We strive to satisfy our clients specific solution needs by creating custom-made yet highly scalable solutions while keeping our customers 'in-the-loop' of the development process.

Being a software consultant company, Sunbex creates client solutions by engaging:

software process

Our solution development include the O/S platforms:

* Windows (all variations)

* Linux

* Unix (AIX,HP,SunOS,Solaris)

* WindowsCE

Web related technologies for web, wireless, corporate and client-server environments such as:

* Web publishing with Dynamic content

* Building E-commerce enabled web sites

* Wireless e-Commerce applications

* Web enabled database applications for corporate/non-corporate applications

* Incorporating Wireless extensions to existing web sites

* Web and wireless integration with legacy applications and databases

* Client specific web based client / server applications

Our web development process involves the following technologies:


* Jsp, Servelets, Asp, Java Applets, CGI, CORBA, Cold Fusion, CFML

* Apache Web Server

* Microsoft IIS, ISAPI

* Application Servers (MQ Series, Tomcat, etc.)

* Active Messaging (using MS-Exchange)

Distributed Applications Development:

* J2EE™ development for distributed transactional applications development

* Application specific Client/Server applications

* CORBA compliant applications

RDBMS Systems:

* Oracle


* SQL Server


* MS Access

* Sybase

Development Languages:

* C/C++

* Visual C++/MFC

* Visual Basic

* VB Script

* Java

* Perl

* Cold Fusion

Embedded SW / Firmware Development target systems include:

* Texas Instruments

* Analog Devices

* Intel


* Motorolla

Supported real-time O/S:

* VX Works

* PSOSystem

* OSEKWorks


Our Services Include: